Monday, August 23, 2010

City on Fire!

Hello everyone! The other day, I reflected on the times in my life that I have been unbearably hot, and decided that there have been three distinct times in memory: Back in 1983, when the heat wave on Columbia, S.C. put temperatures around 106 degrees (Fahrenheit), and around 115 heat index. The second was in 2009 when I experienced 115 degrees when I walked off the plane in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. But the number one spot definitely goes to Nanjing, Summer of 2010! It has been BLISTERING here, and it get's hot here like no other! How hot, you ask? It has been at or above 100 degrees every day for the last 6 weeks, with last week reaching heat indexes of 120 degrees! Add LOTS of humidity, and you have just basically Hell on earth! My time outside has been VERY limited, except for my daily run around 7pm each day, which is not QUITE as bad, as it cools down to a chilly 90 degrees at night here, which is sad...

To make matters worse, I work in an indoor pool. Most people would think this a good thing, but think again. One end of the pool is all enclosed in glass, which basically produces a "greenhouse" effect. Add a air dehumidification system that doesn't work at all (it's just part of the decor I think), and only a couple of windows to generate a breeze, and you have the world's largest sauna! For those of you reading this that have ever swum for me, you KNOW how much I HATE being wet while coaching. Here: I am completely drenched for 4 hours a day! I do more laundry here than I EVER did in college! And I literally am taking 3-4 showers a day just to stay cool and clean! I AM staying hydrated pretty well, though, as I drink about a quart of water each practice just to keep my energy up!

I guess the GOOD thing about all this heat is that it has really helped me in losing weight! Between running, eating well, and sweating non-stop, I have now lost a total of 34 pounds over the last 4 months! I feel lots better, and am looking to perhaps lose another 10, would be the lightest I have been in years!

On another note: 4 weeks from today, and I am HOME FOR VACATION! Words cannot express how excited I am about this, it will good to catch up with family and friends! The 3 weeks I get a home I'm sure will fly by, but it will be just long enough to regain some of my sanity back!